ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It is the second major Italian research organization, with around 2700 staff employees distributed in its 9 research centers all over the national territory. The Agency’s activities are mainly focused on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Climate and the Environment, Safety and Health, New Technologies, Electric System Research.

ENEA has worked on energy efficiency for over 30 years, being particularly concerned with R&D on those technologies aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy production and use. The Agency provides Public Administration with its support and advice to define methodologies for quantifying energy savings, to be used at the central and local levels as a mean to implement the various regulations and disseminate the culture of energy efficiency.

The Agency activities in the field of renewable energy sources are mainly centred upon research, innovation, and technology transfer. The Agency also provides advanced services contributing to both decreasing CO2emissions and the national energy dependence on fossil sources, and increasing Italy’s economic competitiveness.

ENEA also provides support to: local administrations responsible for the implementation of energy plans; industrial consortia, professional associations and pools of enterprises in evaluating the environmental sustainability of territorial plans, projects and programmes to produce energy from renewable sources. Such support is aimed at ensuring that the actions proposed on the territory are fully compliant with the environmental protection laws, and is accomplished by both identifying the sites most suitable to host facilities and assessing the environmental impact under ordinary, extraordinary and emergency conditions for their whole life cycle (construction, operation, dismission).

An office is located in Pescara taking care of energy efficiency issues together with the Region of Abruzzo.


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