Project Of Guaranteed Savings In The National Art Museum Of Catalonia


Catalan Institute for Energy (ICAEN)

  • Department of Culture (Generalitat of Catalonia)
  • Barcelona (Spain) (Spain)
  • 2016
  • 4 Years, 0 months.
  • Other
  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
  • 3
  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)
  • > 8.000 m2

  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
    The following energy conservation measures were implemented: Improvement of the efficiency in the lighting installation by replacing old lamps by new led tech lamps. Implementation of an adiabatic cooling system in a Chiller equipment. Replacement of the burner of an old boiler by a modular unit. Isolation of the water piping system. Replacement of old fans by other with EC technology (Electronically Commutated) of high energy efficiency as combines DC to make the motor running and AC as a normal supply. Installation of variable speed drive in main pumps. Implementation of a global management platform, MNAC.NET including a both systems, one for invoicing and the other for energy management. Chiller plant sequencer Integration of the Siemens Control system into the current Controlli system. Optimizing boiler operation in summer period. Low flow Sprinklers for irrigation system
    • > 8.000 m2
    • 1926
    • 45.103 m2
    • Mueseum.
    • Natural Gas, Electricity
  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)

    In the tendering process, Investment was not required (EPC Service Contract establishing an efficiency Fee and Maintenance fee), as this avoids the indebtedness issue for public buildings based on Eurostat’s note from August 2015).

    • Procurement procedure
    • Project development
    • Increased employment
    • Lower emissions
    • Improved quality (# of people affected)
    • Other social benefits

  • The energy audit was outsourced ICAEN’s team was advising and facilitating during the whole preparation of the project and during the tendering process.

  • A Measuring and Verification Plan is been followed. Each year a report of savings has to be performed based on IPMVP methodology

  • The ICAEN team is facilitating EPC projects on any Public building of the Catalan government. Soon will be published a guide for EPC contracting for the whole Catalan buildings. The term Energy Performance Contracting (or EPC) is a business model in which a site owner outsources energy services to a third party for a defined period. This means that energy is supplied and/or comprehensive energy saving measures are implemented by an energy contractor, rather than by the owner. The energy contractor is a specialist service company that takes on all of the tasks (e.g. planning, construction, financing and operational management of a heating plant) as well as the risks associated with the energy service.

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