LOD Project – Increasing Energy Efficiency Of Preschool Building In Bosanska Krupa


Javna ustanova “Dje?ije obdanište i dom u?enika“ Bosanska Krupa
Contact person: Almira Šertovi?, Director
Tel: +387 37 471-079
e-mail: obdanistekrupa@hotmail.com
Address: Humska bb, Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Kindergarten and students’ dormitory of Bosanska Krupa
  • Bosanska Krupa Municipality (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 2013
  • 0 Years, 0 months.
  • Education
  • EE (Active measures), RES
  • Credit lines
  • < 1.000 m2

  • EE (Active measures), RES
    The building walls were thermally insulated (Styrofoam 12), façade, all exterior window and doors were replaced with new PVC ones in accordance with the current standards. Boiler was replaced and now there is a pellet boiler. Building roof was reconstructed and thermally insulated.
    • < 1.000 m2
  • Credit lines

    • Project development
    • Other
    • Lower emissions
    • Increased energy security and reduced dependence on foreign imports
    • Improvements to public budget
    • Outreach and awareness
    • Improved quality (# of people affected)
    • Other social benefits

    Raising awareness of employees and members of the Board about the necessity to take credit from a bank in order to ensure the status of a serious partner with donors and ensure the development of the project in terms of increasing investment by donors. We managed to improve material and technial working conditions for all the empolyees, as well as for children attending our kindergarten.

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