Guaranteed savings Project in the Laboratory of Agri-food in Cabrils (Barcelona)


Catalan Institute for Energy

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  • Agriculture Department (‘Generalitat’ of Catalonia)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • 2015
  • 0 Years, 0 months.
  • Other
  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
  • 40000
  • 4 and a half years
  • 125445 (kWh/ m2/ y)
  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)
  • 1.000 m2 < X < 4.000 m2

  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
    Implemented the following energy efficiency measures: MCE-1 Replacement of general lighting system in: corridors, laboratories, halls, offices. MCE-2 Replacement of circular wall lamps in stairways. MCE-3 Replacement of lamps and integration in the bathrooms movement detectors. MCE-4 Installation of presence detectors in laboratories MCE-5 Installation of a control system for the building’s primary air renovations. MCE-6 Installation of a tracking system for monitoring electrical consumption and temperatures. MCE-7 Training and awareness to all people working in the building. MCE-8 Replacement of current faucets by other ones with timers. MCE-9 Replacement of toilets by other ones with double discharge tank.
    • 1.000 m2 < X < 4.000 m2
    • 1976
    • 864
    • 4
    • VRV system
    • electricity
  • Before After
    673579 572542
  • Total Investment: 40000
    % of own resources: 0
    % funded: 0
  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)

    Financed 100% by ESCo.

    • Procurement procedure
    • Other
    • Increased employment
    • Lower emissions
    • Improvements to public budget
    • Outreach and awareness
    • Improved quality (# of people affected)
    • Other social benefits

    • Increased employment: 2 employees • Lower emissions: Still not known as savings report will be soon presented. (should be around 35 ton CO2/Annualy, estimated from guaranteed savings and baseline of the Museum) • Improvements to public budget: The precise information is not available at the moment. We will get it after completing heating season (after getting information about bill amount) • Outreach and awareness: Increased public awareness in energy efficiency • Improved quality (# of people affected): The quality of work and residence for the teachers and students it is significantly improved. • Other social benefits: Increasing employment, economic growth, environmentally friendly energy source, increased value of the properties, Improved energy balance of the local environment.

  • The energy audit was outsourced ICAEN’s team was advising and facilitating during the whole preparation of the project and during the tendering process.

  • The ICAEN team is facilitating EPC projects on any Public building of the Catalan government. Soon will be published a guide for EPC contracting for the whole Catalan buildings. The term Energy Performance Contracting (or EPC) is a business model in which a site owner outsources energy services to a third party for a defined period. This means that energy is supplied and/or comprehensive energy saving measures are implemented by an energy contractor, rather than by the owner. The energy contractor is a specialist service company that takes on all of the tasks (e.g. planning, construction, financing and operational management of a heating plant) as well as the risks associated with the energy service.

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