Green EPC Kranj

  • Municipality of Kranj
  • Kranj (Slovenia)
  • 2002
  • 15 Years, 0 months.
  • Education
  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
  • Public-private partnership
  • 4.000 m2 < X < 8.000 m2

  • EE (Active measures), Energy Management
    Measures on the building envelope: (Elementary school Stane Žagar) - )Refurbishment of panoramic glass envelope with ALU buidlign fixtures. (Music school Kranj) - refurbishment of the heat envelope of the building Measures related to electricity: ( Sport stadium Planina, Elementary school France Prešeren) - Addaptaion of interior lighting according to SIST EN 12464-1:2011, Disassembly of 1000 W halogen spotlights; Installment of new 400 W metal halide spotlights. 52,6 % Measures related to heating and cooling: ( Elementary schools France Prešeren location 1) - Installment of a new distribution board with 5 heating circuit; Installment of a hidraulic compensator; Installment of regulation equipment for four mixing and one direct heating circuit; Heat insulation of installed pipes and the distribution board; -> 12 % reduction in energy costs ( Elementary schools France Prešeren location 2)- Disassembly of the existing cauldron, installment of the new gas cauldron; Installment of a new distriution board and regulation equipment; Insulation of installed pipes, ( Public administration building) - Disassembly and removal of the existing distribution board, installment of a new distribution board with 7 heating circuits, Installment of regulation equipment for 7 heating circuits, Insulation of the distribution board and pipes. -> 20,6 % reduction in energy costs Measures related to water saving: Established system for the regeneration of water after filter wash - Trisep; awarenes raising activities from the building owner. Construction measures: All construction measures related to the refurbishment of equipment for the distribution of energy and water within the buildings in question and the refurbishment of the buildings heat envelope. Measures related to user motivation: Organized workshops and awarenes raising events. Maintenance: All measures associated with an undisturbed supply of energy in compliance with high living comfort wihin the building. Additional measures: The described measures are mandatory by law and take into account :fire protection, heritage protection, pollutant disposal.
    • 4.000 m2 < X < 8.000 m2
  • Total Investment:
    % of own resources: 0
    % funded: 0
  • Public-private partnership

    • Procurement procedure
    • Complexity in blending grants with FIs
    • Balance sheet restrictions and limitations under public accounting rules
    • Project development
    • Lower emissions
    • Increased energy security and reduced dependence on foreign imports
    • Improvements to public budget
    • Outreach and awareness
    • Improved quality (# of people affected)

  • AURE cooperated throughout the planning and implementation process, primarily as a facilitator for receiving and determining best value of bids from ESCOs and additionally provided know-how and guidance on the basis of lessons learned in Germany, by participating with BEA. ZMRK and IJS also participated by providing technical know-how and relevant financial consideratio

  • The ESCO is responsible to establish an appropriate energy management system, which must include at least one verified measurement concept (individually for each building) that is made possible by installing appropriate energy meters, that allow for a comprehensive monitoring of energy currents of the buildings in question. The ESCO is accountable for the system establishment, management, maintenance and realization. The building owner must be allowed unlimited access to this data at all times. Relevant analysis, particularly energy-technical analysis, must also be made available to the building owner upon request as well as at the end of each reporting period. The ESCO is also required to document all relevant changes and deviations with respect to outlined project proceedings. The payments from the building owner to the ESCO are made monthly, according to the guaranteed savings calaculated for a anuall reference period (divided by 12). The final assesment is made yearly in accordance to the adjusted value of monitoring period consumption (inclusive of the changes in energy prices, climate deviations, national consumper price index, etc.). Bonus/malus payments are also due at the end of each monitoring period.

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