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Contact person: Vanja ?urin
Tel: +387 33 447 881
Address: Avde Hume 11, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • ESCO eco energija d.o.o
  • Livno (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 2008
  • 0 Years, 0 months.
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  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)

  • Energy service agreements (EPC, ESC)

    Heating plant is an industrial facility. However, for a number of public buildings that are connected to the central heating system (CHS), an energy audit has been made. All buildings have direct savings by replacing fuel or connecting to CHS.

Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton – DAUSC (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


ESCO ECO Energija Livno produces energy from biomass in its own heat plant and distributes this energy to final consumers (public, business and private).

In addition to the primary business, Esco Eco Energija produces biomass (woody biomass) for our own needs, to meet the requirements of biomass in terms of quantity and quality. The company now employs 10 workers under the current scope of business. At this time, Esco Eco Energija Livno generates its revenue by selling energy to consumers on the basis of measurement of heating energy consumption and sales electricity. the following public buildings are covered with DHS.

–              Elementary School „Ivan Goran Kovačić“,

–              Kindergarten „Pčelice“ ,

–              Sports’ hall „Dalibor Perković Dali“,

–              Secondary Economy School,

–              Theater,

–              Building of Minstry of Interior,

–              Building of Heath Insurance Institute

–              Several residential buildings.

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